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Here you will learn general information about nft degen score

What is NFT Degen Score?

The NFT Degen Score calculates a score from all your NFTs. The more NFTs you have, the higher your score. But not only the amount of your NFTs is important. As it should be for a real Degen you have to own different collections and of course, you have been with us for a long time, right?

The score takes into account many properties of your wallet, such as the number of individual NFTs but also the different collections or even when you received your first NFT. The score is like an evaluation of your wallet.

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Where do you get your data?

The data is evaluated from various sources. Therefore, the evaluation also takes some time. Among others, we use the Apis from OpenSea , Etherscan, and Polygonscan.

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How did you come up with the idea?

We are passionate NFT collectors and active in the and MarbleCards communities, among others. 

The MarbleCards community hosts a release every two weeks and activates a new domain. One of the founders of / MarbleCards asked us if we can implement a score because they have some ideas for the big releases and would like to include something like that.

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Which blockchains are considered in the Degen Score?

At the moment we consider ETH and Polygon.

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Do you want to consider any other blockchains?

Of course, we still have some blockchains in mind like IMX, WAX, or Solana. However, we would like to concentrate on the stability of the service for the time being and will gradually expand the Degen Score.

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