Our basic problem was, we were looking for a way to rate wallets. There were services here and there that did that (ok actually there was only one :D) ... but all of that didn't work properly or not the way we imagined.

So how do you evaluate wallets? If you have certain events in mind where NFT fans are rewarded, it's pretty hard. Either you do everything manually in tedious work or build your own scripts.

Both solutions are of course time consuming. So that you don't have to reinvent the wheel, we decided to turn the whole idea into a service.

Why should I mint my score?

We get this question quite often. Since we are in the NFT space, it is only understandable that we also create the score as NFT. Hey, what would an NFT degen score be if it wasn't also available as an NFT?

We are aware that this is not for everyone, so the check is completely free. You can check your score without further ado, you have no further costs or other additional effort. But if you mint your score you support this project and all development around this.

Since the check is free, of course, those who minted the score has in principle nothing of it. We are also aware of this. Therefore we have thought about some things for the score holders. Therefore, we will consider a few things for the score holders :-)


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