Degen Score NFT FAQ

Here you can learn everything about the Degen Score NFT itself. How do I mint, how do I get my score as NFT, and much more is answered here.

Can I also create and sell my score as an NFT?

Yes this is possible

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What blockchain are the NFTs on?

Degen Score NFTs are on the Polygon blockchain.

Polygon, formerly known as the Matic Network, is a scaling solution that aims to provide multiple tools to improve the speed and reduce the cost and complexities of transactions on blockchain networks.

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What are the attributes of the Degen Score?

The Degen Score consists of different attributes. The main attributes of the Degen Score NFT's include the name, score, date, and an assigned meme.

Due to the different attributes, the NFT images differ a bit. This results in different distributions of the various attributes. Until now, the distribution of some attributes, like the meme attribute, is not known, because they are randomly assigned to the score.

  • Name: The name is generated from random ape names. These are currently secret.
  • Score: The score is the score of the wallet, which the wallet had at the creation time.
  • Meme: The meme is randomly assigned to the score
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Is there a limit to the Degen Score NFT's?

Fundamental no. But there are 10,000 Genesis Scores. These Genesis Scores own the Genesis Memes. These memes are 5 meme relations that are not assigned after the Genesis Scores. I.e. when the 10 thousandth score has been mined, all further scores will no longer be able to receive these memes.

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What are the 5 Genesis Memes?

  • Pepe
  • Wojak
  • This is fine
  • Kek
  • Doge
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Why Memes as attribute?

Why not? 

But, as we are fans of memes and are heavily involved in and, we would like to help here and spread the word.

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What happens when 10,000 Genesis scores are minted?

When the 10,000th score has been minted, 50 new memes will be selected. The cap for the next generation is not yet set, but at the moment we assume 100,000.

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Can I do anything else with the Degen Score?

Over time, you'll be able to do more and more with your score. To learn more about this we have created an extra FAQ category for it

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